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QuantterraThe 20th century has been marked by large achievements in the field of scientific and practical medicines. The most important was the invention in 1960's of the first Quantum Mechanical Oscillators- Lasers. The development and research in this field have proved the potential wide use of light Quanta in biology and medicines.

One of the latest achievements in the medical laser upgrading, was the development of a principle of Poly- factor, Antilog taking and magnetic infrared (low intensity) - Laser - Quantum Therapy. Quantum Therapy is based on a combined mutually reinforcing influence of impulse Infrared laser irradiation, Pulsating Red- light, Pulsating wide band infrared irradiation visible red-blue light and static magnetic field on a biological object.

The device is regularly certified by the Russian Federation Gosstandard and Russian Federation GOSSANEPIDEMNADZOR. This confirms its laser, electrical and ecological safety. It is certified by the Minestry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Purpose of device

Quantum therapy provides ecologically clean, non- invasive, non- medicinal, highly effective treatment and Prophylaxis in a wide range of diseases. The analysis of many year clinical applications has provided a high efficiency of Quantum therapy, which allows:

  • A 2-3 times of decrease of the recovery time.
  • Quantum therapy does not exclude other mode of treatment. Moreover, when combined with medicinal agents, it intensifies the efficiency of medicinal agents.
  • Recovers the Micro-Flora sensitivity to antibiotics.
  • Reduces the quantity and doses of applied medicines.
  • Significantly decreases the treatment time.
  • May make possible to completely refuse the drugs.
  • It improves the immunity of the person.

It also exerts besides local effects, the generalized positive effects. Such as:

  • General Stimulation
  • The improvement of blood circulation
  • Increased oxygen transport by blood
  • Cholesterol level decrease.

Subjectively, the patient's tolerance to physical exertion/activity increases.

  • Improvement in sleep
  • Improvement in general state of health
  • At the same time - general somatic stimulation by Quantterra also helps in immuno-deficient states, senile dementia, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Good results have been achieved in diseases which are hard to treat at present level of medical knowledge. For example chronic non- specific Colitis, Post Hepatitis state, some forms of Bronchial Asthma, Diffused Goiter, Fibroadenomatosis.

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